DSI imports unique food items that are sold to the food service industry,
as well as the on board market.

All natural, imported Smoked Seafood product line with innovative flavor combinations such as:

  • Chorizo
  • Maple Pepper
  • Black Forest
  • TOgarashi
  • Citrus Pepper
  • Includes cutting edge smoked seafood, featuring two unique cold smoked salmon or tuna products with flavored cream cheese core fillings of Wasabi Cream Cheese or Fig-Mustard Dill Cream Cheese
  • The Nori wrapped cold smoked salmon brings together two of the most popular food items to produce one great culinary offering.
  • Utilizes a healthier smoking technique that removes harmful by-products to include ash, tar and benzapyrene. The result is a healthier finished product flavored and cured with the essential flavor compounds of natural hardwood smoke.
  • Zero waste factor, all useable product in each package. Product can be cut to 10g to 30g slices so portion control is maximized.
  • Perfect for a holiday function, dinner party, special event or anytime you want to enjoy high quality smoked seafood.

Delivers that WOW factor customers are looking for in an upscale food item.

European Desserts

Unique Selections of Sweets

DSI has a range that stretches from the high end European Patisseries to the home style Dutch Crumble Pies….and a lot of desserts in between….all delicious!!!


Mushrooms & Vegetables

Gift of Nature

DSI imports the highest quality frozen wild forest mushrooms from Europe to the US including:

  • Porcini Ceps

  • Chanterelles

  • Morels

  • Countryside Blends

Other favorites are value added mushroom, potato and vegetable blend products. These have a uniquely French flavor and come in a wide range of flavors.

Savory Products

A Hearty Taste of Europe

Among the broad range of savory products, one of our favorites that we have been importing for years is the Gratin…… nothing beats the potato when it comes to combining nutrition value with versatility and taste.

  • The best potatoes are combined with other fresh and natural ingredients to create a variety of flavors. Some of our favorites are Broccoli, Emmenthaler Cheese, Mushroom and ‘Farmers’ to name a few.
  • The gratins come in various shapes and sizes to fit the customers’ needs.