Distribution and Service Inc. (DSI) began in 2002 on the simple premise of solving product sourcing and distribution problems for selected menu items. As a 360-degree food supply chain company, DSI continues to solve these issues with many of the leading on-board meal providers throughout the United States. As the company has grown, DSI has dedicated energies to importing and exporting unique food items for sales to the food service and retail markets.

food service
DSI imports unique food items that are sold to the food service industry,
as well as the on board market.
Our goal is to import only unique products from Europe for retailers across the country. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of high quality food items that are new to the U.S. retail market place.
DSI uses a “total product cost” approach to solving customers’ sourcing challenges so our customers receive the best value. DSI customizes solutions to deliver products on time, on budget while minimizing system-wide inventory levels.